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How do you help your friends and loved ones get to a reputable law firm?


With over 30  years of handling catastrophic injury cases I am often contacted by friends and family of someone who just had a horrible injury or even death in the family.

I am always at a loss of how I can respond to their concerns about the spouse or the children of the victim.

I as an attorney and they as a family member do not want to intrude on the grief or the hectic situation that often turns the family upside down.

But sadly I often see 3 situations

1) The defendant (frequently an insurance company or trucking company or other corporation) are busy gathering or hiding or destroying evidence.

This includes things like locating and interviewing witnesses, taping over or losing videos and disposing of property damage.

It is very frustrating because I know our investigator and attorneys could be protecting their rights, while they are attending to their loved ones medical situations, children, loss of income in the household, a destroyed car or worse funeral arrangements.

Why are people made to feel sleazy if they have a lawyer working for them immediately after a tragedy?

Meanwhile insurance companies and businesses are expected to have a team of lawyers and experts, 24/7 and often at the scene before first-responders.

Recently we had a catastrophically injured client crushed by a fallen object. The defendants removed the object before the ambulance picked up our client!

2) Unethical attorneys and hired runners are contacting and soliciting people who they don't know often at the hospitals in the ER or places that they aren't thinking straight.

The scariest part is the lawyers who engage in this kind of conduct are usually the least experienced or most ill equipped to handle such a serious case.

We saw a badly injured wife this week who's husband was killed in the same wreck, just settle her case for only $1M (thinking she was set for life). The tractor trailer driver who killed him worked for a company who has tens of millions in insurance. Sadly she hired the wrong attorney.

3) Many people make the decision of hiring a lawyer based on a TV or other marketing strategy.

All I will say is that after 30+ years of litigating serious cases, I have never seen a lawyer who does heavy TV marketing in the court house.

Trust me adjusters don't pay top dollars to non-trial attorneys.

Have you ever seen a TV lawyer talking about a record jury verdict? Nope they brag on $100K settlements (in the type of wrecks that we collect millions).

Many times we have been hired after the client fires such low skilled lawyers and we find additional insurance coverage missed by the first lawyer.

I wish I could accomplish 2 things:

1) Find an acceptable way for people to communicate with their family and loved ones about getting an experienced lawyer immediately after a tragedy.

or better yet

2) Convince people to do research and their due diligence and make a lawyer selection in advance "just in case of tragedy"; like they do for estate planning and other important decisions.

I guess I can dream.

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Never settle for less!

Please show your friend or loved one this 2 1/2 minute video

 Please watch this 2 minute video 

Howard Spiva:

I've learned that preventable, Needless harms and losses and wrongful deaths there needs to be justice for them and I saw that as a child.
Having my father murdered when I was six years old that's had a big impact on my life and why I chose to go into the personal injury law and why I like to help people.
They're injured, they have medical bills they can't pay, they can't work and they have lost income, they don't know if they're going to lose their home. We take that off of them.
We'll take care of the bill collectors. We'll take care getting your medical bills paid.
It's hard for an individual to go up against big corporations, trucking companies, insurance companies, a city, a county, a municipality. A lawsuit is like a war and if you're going to war you better make darn sure that you have the right team on your side. If you don't have a team on your side that has the finances and the resources and the experience to stand up and ask for what sometimes is millions of dollars, you're not gonna get full justice. In order to go before twelve strangers and go before a judge and tell someone's story,
if you're not passionate and your heart's not in it you can't fool twelve people.
You've got to have the tenacity you've got to have the passion you've got to be able to zealously represent your client and stand up against the Goliaths of the world.

Howard Spiva

A Proud supporter of
The Justice for Children Foundation
Children's injuries are no accident

Charity Video: https://youtu.be/wMQ8h6t2AqI

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Protecting Children one helmet at a time. The Justice For Children Foundation

heads in helmets for life video

The number one cause of traumatic brain injuries in children under five are in car wrecks. 

When bicycle helmets were mandated, traumatic brain injuries went down 75% and deaths for children went down 85% and we're thinking, well if they went down 75 to 85 percent when they started wearing them on bicycles, why not in cars? 

What's the difference in a race car driver wearing a helmet and a kid wearing a helmet? 

What's the difference in wearing a helmet on a bicycle or skateboard or in a child safety seat?,

And I'm just saying, isn't this the next logical step? 

In 1999, we were walking through the office and my sister said "You know, we have a lot of pictures of children" and while we were looking at that describing what happened to each child and how they got hurt, we had a really life-changing, a life-altering profound moment when we realized that every one of those injuries were preventable. 

We went on a quest if you will; we had a mission to make sure that we stopped preventable injuries to children. 

I've seen the worst of the worst and I've seen how traumatic brain injuries and injuries to small children can devastate a family. And so we went and bought helmets and started giving them away. 

We teamed up with pediatricians and physicians. It went from us running a little ad in the newspaper, buying a bunch of helmets and giving them away, to partner up with doctors, getting volunteers, forming a board of directors. It's really turned into a large successful nonprofit charity. 

We get to go places that other lawyers can't go, because we're not out there saying, "Hey, come hire us" We're out there saying, "Hey, let's prevent injuries" 

If I never get another traumatic brain injury case because no child ever receives an injury, I couldn't be happier. 

My mission is to make sure that we put a helmet on every single child in America....and that's our goal we're not going to quit until we get there.

Howard Spiva

A Proud supporter of

The Justice for Children Foundation
Children's injuries are no accident


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